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Some people genuinely struggle with receiving praise and compliments. It’s also common for a response to be given that’s negative or unfair. But in truth, a person offering a compliment or praise only expects two words in return. Those words are ‘thank you.’ One or two people’s words might make you blush. But you’d probably be more concerned if you didn’t feel as loved or admired. You’ve earned this. Respond in the right ways.

Whether it is the Moon’s final hours in your work sector or its return to your relationship sector today this will have wider implications and fortunately of the positive kind. The Moon leaves just as Mars moves into his final month in direct motion in your work sector and as it becomes clear that he is here to stay. The Moon is either making positive aspects to forces across the income, work and career fronts or is highlighting other friendly aspects. However, the Moon also returns to find favourable conditions on the communication and relationship fronts.

Planetary Love

The timing of the Moon’s return to your relationship sector today couldn’t be better, returning six days before Uranus’ retrograde turn here. This is one last chance to check in while the focus is still on the future but a friendly aspect to planets in retrograde motion in your communication sector is also a chance to align with planets already on a mission to give the past and unsaid words a voice.

A disappointment or setback could cause you to go to unnecessary lanes to evaluate where something goes between you and someone from here. But nothing stops you from contacting a trusted friend who can remind you of how special, unique, and deserving of love you are. If you’re attached, then the one you love could do a superb job of lifting your spirits. Whoever boosts your confidence now can help you to see this minor blip in a more realistic and optimistic light.

Throughout the Sun’s month long visit to your career sector the only push back he will get this year is from Tuesday’s Full Moon and Mercury, who returns on Wednesday will experience no roadblocks during his 15 day visit. Instead, with Mars in the early months of his longest visit to your work sector in 32 years and the South Node making its first visit to your income sector in 17 years, this is heavily weighted towards the support side of the scales. This makes it important to listen to any professional pressure or work/life balance tension at the start of the week, especially as falling in your home and family sector it is bringing the only work/life balance reminder you will get this month. It is just 64 minutes after the Moon leaves that Mercury will return to your career sector, returning with the intellectually savvy and creative edge needed to work smarter. By the time the Moon returns to your work sector over the weekend, it will be back on good terms with the Sun again.

While there is some pressure on the communication front at the start of the week, as this is push back between Mercury, the planet of communication and all three planets in your communication sector this is a chance to push through communication barriers. With Uranus turning retrograde in your relationship sector later next week and all three planets in your communication sector already in retrograde motion that includes a push to give the past and unsaid words a voice. Things take a more romantic turn by midweek, starting with the Moon’s return to your romantic sector on Wednesday. With both planets here in retrograde motion, romantically charged lunar vibes are likely to enhance a sense of romantic nostalgia. It is over the weekend that things take an even more exciting turn with Venus, the planet of love’s return to an adventurous part of your chart. Venus will then spend the rest of the month bringing the spirit of romance and adventure together.

After four months in your financial sector Venus, the planet of money is finally ending what should have been a 24 day mission to fuel your financial confidence, update your financial wish list and your desires and expectations in general. However, Venus won’t leave until the weekend and there is still a lot of water to pass under the bridge between now and then. It is Tuesday’s Full Moon that while it might push some buttons in other areas of your life and may expose any work/life balance, that will form a friendly aspect to Venus. This will help to boost your financial confidence just before Venus is preparing to cross the lunar nodes, the last act before she leaves. It is on Thursday and Friday that this will give you a chance to align your financial wish list with the North Node sense of financial direction while clashing with the South Node to expose any balance issues between money coming in and money going out.


The Full Moon on the 3rd rocks your emotional foundations, which could bring change or some level of volatility to your home and family. An unexpected domestic development may need handling with care. But from August 7 to September 6, you have Venus urging you to consider mind-broadening pursuits. An adventure or a learning curve of some kind could warm your heart or mark the start of something sweet and sexy between you and one lucky person.

Love & Romance

From August 7 until September 6, Venus encourages you to be more open-minded and adventurous where your emotional world or one special connection is concerned. If you sense that ‘the world is your oyster’ and pleasurable experiences await by learning or exploring, then you’re right. But the universe seems to accept that you’d have much more fun if you were accompanied on any passionate quest. Whether you’re single or attached, you could be delighted with or surprised at who fits that bill!


2020 Overview

This is a year that falls right in the Goldilocks zone, where you have everything you need and nothing you don’t. There are no major challenges and the planets that could bring challenges are working to your advantage. At the same time, the opportunities don’t come with demands, with 2020 managing to steer right down the centre line of not being excessively expansive to a point where it would demand a lot or excessively challenging, where it would also demand a lot from you. The mix is just right. When we look for the main opportunities in any given year as a whole we look to Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion. And when we look for the main challenges of any year we look to Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos. For the first time in 20 years Saturn and Jupiter are together and this will always create a balance between opportunities and challenges, that focused in a single area of your life creates a lot of power and potential.

Two things make this significant for you. The first is that Jupiter and Saturn have met up in your communication sector, the only area of your chart that has a blanket impact on every aspect of your life. Saturn has been here for two years so you have already put in the hard work, especially when it comes to any communication issues or anything that required a lot of mental focus and discipline. Jupiter returned in December 2019 and until leaving on 20th December 2020, he is expanding your mind, your ability to think big and to create opportunities through all means of communication. This is expanding your mental capacities, making you smarter, more articulate and more able to grapple and understand multiple threads of information. This is something that will benefit every aspect of your life. The second significant factor is that Saturn and Jupiter aren’t on their own with Pluto, your ruling planet here as well. As well as having your own man on the inside, Pluto allows you to think outside the square.

Every aspect of your life will benefit from this throughout 2020 but your relationships will be the real winner. That is not just because communication is essential for all relationships and more that with Uranus spending his first full year in your relationship sector, every planet moving through your communication sector will form a friendly aspect. In the meantime, there are certain points of the year where there is more concentrated focus on different areas of your life. While the focus is on home and family matters in the first two months of any year, there will be an additional and a lot more powerful focus on home, family and/or property matters from 22nd March to 2nd July. There are also some major developments on the job front throughout the whole of the second half of 2020, while the first six weeks of the year have the potential to be especially lucrative. The real power of this year is that in each of these areas you will be able to draw on intellectually savvy and articulate energy you have access to all year.


You are in a unique situation in that in both your romantic and relationship sectors there are similar dynamics in play, in that in each you have an outer planet that is keeping things permanently active, while the faster moving planets will visit both each year. In another similarity, you have Uranus in your relationship sector until 2026 and Neptune in your romantic sector until 2026 as well. About the only advantage that matters of the heart have over relationship matters is that Mars won’t visit your relationship sector this year. It is also matters of the heart that will get their turn first, in terms of the activity that the faster moving planets can create and that suits Uranus just fine. Neptune only turned direct at the end of November 2019, but with Uranus still in retrograde motion at the start of the year, he is happy for matters of the heart to go first.

It begins with Venus’ return to your romantic sector on 14th January, much earlier in the year than is normally the case and leaving on 8th February, she will have been and gone by the time the Sun returns on 19th February. This will give the planets of love and dreams a chance to work together to create some real magic on the romantic front, as well as setting your expectations for the coming year. With the Sun here until 20th March and Mercury from 16th March to 11th April, they will keep what Venus and Neptune originally began alive. However, it is Mars’ return from 13th May to 28th June that could set this alight again. What began as the planets of love and dreams coming together, will conclude with the planets of passion and dreams coming together.

In the meantime, until he turns direct in your relationship sector on 17th January, Uranus is still looking back at a time with romantic matters are taking off. As far as your relationships are concerned, in the early weeks of 2020 this is more a continuation of last year. It is Uranus’ direct turn on 17th January that will shift your relationship focus onto the future. However, with a lot of activity on the romantic front by then, on the relationship front it will be more about looking to the future without moving forward. This will give Uranus time to pick up speed before Venus, planet of love returns to your relationship sector on 5th March, when she will do for your relationships what she did for matters of the heart in the early weeks of the year. With the Sun not returning to your relationship sector until 20th April and Venus leaving on 4th April, once again she will have been and gone before the Sun shines the spotlight on things. What follows are the most important months of the year on the relationship front, starting with Venus’ return on 5th March and ending with the Sun’s departure on 21st May.


There are some exciting developments on both sides of the financial fence and while to begin with they won’t get in each other’s way, there will eventually need to be some kind of a balancing act. The year begins with no planetary activity in either of your two money houses but that is actually deceiving. The reality is, that with Mercury having just left your income sector in the final days of 2019 and Mars here by 3rd January, the money gods are just taking a few days off over the New Year. It wasn’t just Mercury that left your income sector at the end of last year but the Sun just before Christmas and lucky Jupiter in early December. So while you begin the year with no planetary activity on the income front, 15 months of continuous planetary activity has only just ended. This means there is a huge amount of potential and momentum that is just ripe for picking and Mars is the perfect planet for the job.

It has been nearly two years since Mars was last in your income sector, with the warrior planet of the cosmos able to fuel your warrior spirit and get you to fight for what you deserve. From the moment he returns on 3rd January until he leaves on 17th February, Mars will declare war on glass ceilings, especially those in your own mind. Had this happened at any time of year this would be an advantage, but returning a month after lucky Jupiter has just wrapped up a 13 month visit means there is a huge amount of potential. However, apart from the Moon’s monthly visits and the Full Moon one of those visits will create on 6th June, income matters are on their own until the Sun returns on 22nd November. However, the fact that this will be an eclipsing Full Moon means something else is going on.

That something else is the lunar nodes return to your two money houses on 5th May, where they will remain until January 2022. As well as creating eclipses, the lunar nodes will also police a balance between money coming in and money going out. This comes just as there is something special developing on the financial front, over and above the financial housekeeping that takes place when Mercury moves through your financial sector from 12th May to 29th May and the Sun from 21st May to 21st June. On 4th April Venus, the planet of money will not only return to your financial sector but so far ahead of the Sun that she will be forced to wait, with a retrograde turn on 13th May keeping her here until 8th August. Here Venus will normally spend 24 days fuelling your financial confidence, updating your financial wish list and attracting opportunities. This year she is here for four months.


While for the first have of the year it is business as usual, business as usual is a good place to be. For you, business as usual means that you have the dwarf planet Eris in your work sector, quietly keeping things on track all year, while the faster planets will return to update and speed things up. Usually this happens around March and April. At the same time, business as usual means no planetary activity on the job front until midyear, beginning with the Sun’s return to your career sector on 22nd July. For several months this year will be operating not only as you would expect but as you would hope, because in other years there have been events that have put a spanner in the works, but that is not the case this year. About the only point of difference to begin with is Venus’ return to your work sector on 8th February, earlier than would normally be the case. However, all she is doing is moving her annual visit forward a few weeks.

Here from 8th February to 5th March and with the Sun not returning until 20th March, this gives Venus a chance to get in first and as the planet of money, desire and attraction this gives her a chance to fuel your professional confidence, attract opportunities and steer things in a lucrative direction. This means that by the time the Sun and Mercury return you have had time to focus on the ‘what’, leaving them free to focus on the ‘when, where and how’. With the Sun leaving on 20th April and Mercury only here from 11th April to 28th April, this ends the annual push that career matters get at around this time every year. At this point, there is a chance to let things settle and play out, as you wait for the Sun’s return to your career sector on 22nd July. What the Sun, Mercury and Venus did on the job front earlier in the year, they will do on the career front, starting with the Sun’s return on 22nd July and ending with Venus’ departure on 3rd October.

This is what a typical professional year and business as usual looks like to you and if that was it, this would be a good but not a particularly game changing professional year. However, the professional gods have a wildcard and they will play it before the Sun even reaches your career sector. It is on 28th June that everything changes, with Mars returning to your work sector, allowing work and job matters to catch their second wind exactly two months after Mercury’s departure on 28th April. Even if this had been a typical visit, having Mars fire things up for six weeks in the middle of the year is exciting, especially as he would still be there when the Sun returns to your career sector just over three weeks later. But this is not a typical visit, with Mars here until January 2021. It is a retrograde phase from 10th September to 14th November that will keep Mars here for seven months, just when planetary activity on the career front is there to carry him.

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