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Ramparvesh Pandey

North Indian Pandit
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Pandit for Puja  Annaprashan Puja, Engagement Puja (Sagai), Ganesh Puja (Ganpati Puja), Griha Pravesh Puja (House Warming), Havan, Last Rites, New Business Opening, Other Puja Services, Pind Daan, Saraswati Puja, Satyanarayan Puja, Shubh Muhurat



All North Indian Puja

Panditji in Kaval Byrasandra, Bangalore is a top player in the category Pandits For Puja in Bangalore. He provides various Hindu puja services like Satyanarayan puja, Griha Pravesh puja, Ganesh puja, Marriage/ Wedding puja, Annaprashan puja, Pind daan and more in Bangalore.

He is very knowledgeable, experienced and is highly qualified with an experience of over 10 years in this field. All necessary arrangements and puja samagri will be done and brought by Pandit Ji.


  • Hindi


Pujari Jan 2003 - To Date Company Name

Amenities and Features

  • Accepts Cash
  • Accepts Online Payment (Google Pay, PayTm, etc.)
  • Outstation Travel & Stay Borne By Client
  • Safe & Secure Environment


Satyanarayan puja (In Appointment) 2,500.00 Visit

Griha pravesh (In Appointment) 5,000.00 Visit

Griha Pravesh with Satyanarayan Puja (In Appointment) 6,500.00 Visit

Ganpati puja (In Appointment) 3,100.00 Visit

Navaratri path puja (In Appointment) 11,000.00 Visit

Namkaran puja (In Appointment) 3,100.00 Visit

Nakchhatra santi puja (In Appointment) 3,500.00 Visit

Annaprashan puja (In Appointment) 2,500.00 Visit

Last rites puja (In Appointment) 5,100.00 Visit

Pind dan puja (In Appointment) 5,100.00 Visit

Business opening puja (In Appointment) 3,100.00 Visit

Sundarkand path puja (In Appointment) 4,100.00 Visit

Vishwakarma puja (In Appointment) 3,100.00 Visit

Teej puja (In Appointment) 3,100.00 Visit

Mull santi puja (In Appointment) 5,100.00 Visit

Marriage (In Appointment) 5,100.00 Visit

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Thank you so much for doing a great service on 2nd sep for Ganesha chaturthi for performing modaka homa and puja in home and office. Thank you sir done a excellent work.

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