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If you thought you didn’t hold influence or your input wouldn’t be listened to, then you could be pleased to discover otherwise. Something you say or suggest could inspire someone in ways you didn’t expect. Apply your persuasiveness within your world, too. If there is something to be discussed and negotiated, then your openness and willingness to listen could create the perfect climate.

Five days after returning for a short 15 day visit to your communication sector Mercury, the planet of communication is already making an impact. A friendly aspect to Chiron, the planet of healing gives words the power to heal and in retrograde motion, this is especially so when it comes to giving the past and unsaid words a voice. Mercury and Chiron are part of a mix of positive aspects that is making this a good day for personal and professional networking, friendship and relationship building.

Planetary Love

Venus, the planet of love only left Gemini two days ago, finally wrapping up a four month mission to update your romantic and relationship desires and expectations for the coming year but already there are signs of ongoing support. On both the romantic and relationship fronts there are forces in play that are operating to Venus’ blueprints.

Showing a willingness to listen to a loved one or someone close shouldn’t require as much time or energy as you believe it will. You’re not obliged to provide immediate solutions. But offering a shoulder to lean or cry on in addition to a listening ear could be all that a loved one needs right now. Let heartfelt actions do the talking for you.

The Moon’s return to your career sector on Wednesday might be an ordinary event but the timing could be responsible for not just a boost in professional confidence but financial confidence as well. It all comes down to timing, with the Moon not only returning to your career sector just 64 minutes before Mercury leaves your income sector but just as financial tension is about to drop back. Financial tension had been building all of last week but came to a head over the weekend when Mercury, in his final days in your income sector ran into opposition from all three planets in your financial sector. That financial tension will drop back when Mercury leaves and there to catch it as it falls will be the Moon, who returns to your career sector just 64 minutes before. As the Moon returns to fuel your professional instincts and imagination, as financial tension falls this will quickly turn this into motivation, something that can rub off on you professionally.

After four months in Gemini Venus, the planet of love is finally preparing to leave but before she does, will be working to make her final days here count. There are two events that could make Venus’ final days some of the best and especially when it comes to setting the scene for life after she leaves. The first is the Moon’s return to an adventurous part of your chart on Monday. This was always going to see the Moon form a friendly aspect to Venus and also to the asteroid Juno in your romantic sector. There has been a lot of history when it comes to the spirit of romance and adventure over recent months, with the Moon bringing a reminder of this. However, as a Full Moon this could be more than a reminder, acting as a catalyst for unexpected developments. The second event is Venus’ alignment with the North Node on Thursday, the force that will continue to give your heart a sense of direction and a boost in confidence.

There could be some financial tension at the start of the week but this is something that can ultimately be an advantage. Mercury is spending his final days in your income sector under pressure from all three planets in your financial sector but especially Saturn, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos. This is not only exposing any balance issues between money coming in and money going out but is demanding that you take responsibility. What is crucial is that this not only comes when Mercury is just days away from leaving on Wednesday but Venus, the planet of money is just days away from returning to your income sector over the weekend. Both sides of the financial fence a getting a shake up just days before the most potentially lucrative weeks of the year begin. If there is income potential to be found, Venus will find it but that pressure on Mercury is forcing you to use and hold onto his smart head for money after he leaves.


The Full Moon on the 3rd brings closure to a matter that may feel as if it has been ongoing for as long as you can remember. Every Gemini will have their own story to tell. But this may relate to mind-broadening activities or pursuits – travel, studying, anything of a legal nature, or connected with publishing or media. With Venus influencing earned income from the 7th until September 6, a new level of comfort and reassurance affects your bank balance. You also look set to show others how clever and resourceful you can be with money during the coming weeks.

Love & Romance

The New Moon on the 18th could be the catalyst for heartwarming developments. This lunar event influences communication. So, if you felt withdrawn recently, then you could find that you express yourself passionately – and maybe even dramatically. But your words can also bring lightheartedness to your emotional world. Whether you’re single or attached, if it has been some time since you’ve written that love letter or told someone how much they mean to you, then you could find doing either or both is much easier this month.


2020 Overview

There is a mixed bag of influences this year and I am not just talking about the different dynamics in play and the different areas of your life this will impact. I am also talking about the surprise developments that make this a year that is partly a case of ‘what you see is what you get’ but partly a case of ‘prepare to be surprised’. In the ‘what you see is what you get’ category you have a major and stunning focus on money matters that is evident from the get go. You begin the year with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, the planets of luck, change and the planet that has the power to move mountains together in your financial sector, making this one of your most powerful financial years in at least a decade. Pluto, planet of change and revolution has been here since 2008 and in fact returned during Jupiter’s last visit 12 years ago. Pluto has been here ever since, while Saturn began a three year financial boot camp in 2017. Jupiter, planet of luck and expansion has returned to help exploit all the potential now available to you.

Saturn will still demand that you take responsibility but this is one year when by taking responsibility there is not only a chance to take your financial power back but there is a chance for real financial growth. The other thing obvious from the get go is that last year’s focus on your relationships will continue into the New Year but mainly during the first six weeks of the year. Meanwhile in the ‘prepare to be surprised category you will find surprise developments on the adventurous and romantic fronts this year. There is always planetary activity in an adventurous part of your chart in early the months of the year and that will be the case this year as well, though this is of the mundane variety and will have run its course on 20th February. It is what happens next that will take you by surprise, beginning with Saturn’s return to an adventurous part of your chart on 22nd March and Mars’ on 31st March. Where Mars will spend six weeks fuelling a passion for adventure, Saturn will spend until 2nd July bringing a chance to take adventure, travel, learning and discovery seriously.

This is more a practice run or a chance to lay down foundations, with Saturn not only returning on 17th December and then spending the majority of the next three years in an adventurous part of your chart but Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion returning on 20th December to begin a journey that will dominate 2021. The other surprise development is Venus, the planet of love’s return to Gemini on 4th April. At first, the only surprise is that this is early in the year to start her 24 day visit. So early that Venus will be forced to wait for the Sun, keeping the planet of love in Gemini from 4th April to 8th August. Instead of having the planet of love in Gemini for 24 days she is here for over four months, with much of that time while a major adventurous groundswell is developing.


This is one year that while it promises a lot from the get go on the relationship front, is set to deliver so much more. On both the romantic and relationship fronts there are developments that put this year in a different category to most years. The year begins with no planetary activity on the relationship front, for the first time in 15 months, though this is a very brief window between Mercury’s departure from your relationship sector in the final days of 2019 and Mars’ return in the early days of this year. By 3rd January Mars will not only be in your relationship sector but a month after lucky Jupiter left, returns to spend January and February exploiting the potential created last year. Whether single, in a relationship or between relationships, the first two months of this year are a chance push the ‘reset’ button or build on the journey last year took you on.

Yet despite the fact that Mars’ departure from your relationship sector on 17th February will leave you with no planetary activity on the relationship front, this is far from the end of the story. However, for the time being, this will be a chance to shift gear and give romantic matters a chance. It is on 4th April, just four days before a romantically charged Full Moon on 8th April that Venus, the planet of love returns for what should be a 24 day visit to Gemini. Instead, a retrograde turn on 13th May will keep her here until 8th August, turning a 24 day Venus return into the planet of love becoming your house guest for four months. In retrograde motion from 13th May to 25th June, this is when Venus will take you on a nostalgic trip down love’s memory lane.

It is during this time that something game changing happens, in that on 5th May the lunar nodes will shift, the North Node returning to Gemini and the South Node to your relationship sector, where they will police a balance between your personal and relationship needs for the next 18 months. This also means that this is where the eclipses of 2020 and 2021 will fall, starting with a lunar eclipse in your relationship sector on 7th June, a lunar eclipse in Gemini on 30th November and a total solar eclipse in your relationship sector on 15th December. Until the lunar nodes leave in January 2022, this is a major new relationship chapter. All this is on top of the more mundane planetary focus on romantic matters, from 6th September to 22nd November and on your relationships, from 22nd November to 9th January 2021.


2020 has the potential to be your most defining financial year in at least a decade or a potentially a lifetime. What you have are the final months of a three year financial boot camp overlapping your most important year for financial growth and expansion in over a decade. Saturn has been in your financial sector since 2017, asking that you take responsibility and if necessary, bringing the kind of financial challenges that required you to take responsibility. These are the foundations that lucky Jupiter returned in December 2019 to start building on, with the hard work of the last two years creating the foundations and preparing you for the opportunities that this year brings. It has been six decades since you last had Jupiter and Saturn in your financial sector at the same time, but there is another factor that takes this in a whole new level.

It was back in 2008, during Jupiter’s last visit that Pluto, the planet of change and revolution returned to your financial sector and he has been here ever since. So it wasn’t just Saturn that Jupiter returned to find in the closing weeks of 2019 but Pluto as well. This is the first time that Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, the planets of luck, change and the power to move mountains have ever been in your financial sector at the same time in our lifetime, creating conditions never seen before. Saturn will leave your financial sector from 22nd March to 2nd July, giving Jupiter and Pluto time to focus on change and expanding financial potential, without Saturn’s demands. Saturn will return to tie up loose ends and will continue to give you your financial backbone until leaving on 17th December, just three days before Jupiter will leave on 20th December. There has never been a financial year this primed with the potential to take your financial power back.

It is during the early months of the year that you will have a chance to throw yourself into this, especially when Mars moves through from 17th February to 31st March. In the meantime, while the conditions on the income side of the fence are not as dramatic, there is the potential for this to be a lucrative year as well. A lunar eclipse in your income sector on 11th January comes just as Saturn and Pluto are aligned in your financial sector, making the early weeks of the week especially powerful and also game setting on the income and financial front. While the whole year is important for taking your financial power back, it is the middle months of the year that will be the most potentially lucrative. Especially during the period from 29th May to 6th September.


While having Neptune in your career sector since 2012 means that there is continuous professional activity all year, this has become the normal pattern. What you have this year is a fairly typical professional year, taking into account that having ongoing planetary activity on the career front is atypical. What does set this year apart is the good start things get off to on both the job and career fronts. While there is usually no planetary activity on the job front until later in the year, what you have at the start of this year is the tail end of planetary activity in 2019 still playing out. And I really do mean tail end, with Mars in his final days in your work sector as we move into the New Year and gone by 3rd December. Apart from the Moon’s monthly visits and a Full Moon on 7th May, there will be no more planetary activity on the job front until Mercury returns on 27th September. This will kick off the most active months of 2020 on the job front, which will take until Venus leaves on 16th December to run their course.

This makes starting the year with Mars here an advantage, for while he will leave in the early days of the year, he allows you to start strong and with the momentum of months of planetary activity and momentum already banked. At the same time, this will give you a chance to catch your breath, for it is just a few days after Mars leaves your work sector that things will start up on the career front. It begins with Venus’ return to your career sector on 14th January, where she will team up with Neptune on her own. With Neptune focused on your professional dreams and Venus on updating your professional desires and expectations for the coming year, this gives them time before the Sun returns to take a more objective approach to things.

Venus will leave on 8th February so won’t be here when the Sun turns the solar spotlight onto your career and professional situation, matters and options from 19th February to 20th March. However, Mercury’s return on 4th February, four days before Venus leaves will give you a chance to put heart and mind on the same page for a few days. Mercury will leave on 5th March but will return for a double dip visit from 16th March to 11th April. This will be a chance for a do over and to reconsider your options, ahead of Mars’ return just over a month later. For it is when Mars moves through your career sector from 13th May to 28th June that there will be a chance to really fire things up. This is the same bonus chapter that work and job matters got late last year and is just running its course in the early days of the year.

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