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Diwali Lakshmi Puja

Price: Rs 1,299 - 5,100

Dipawali translates to a row of earthen lamps, being lit and beautifully arranged to attract the Goddess of Fortune, Srimati Lakshmi Devi, who is always busy in serving the Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna. Diwali or Deepavali is one of the most joyous and celebrated occasions by the Hindus.

Laxmi Puja is performed as a symbol of lord Ram’s victory over Raavan in the fierce battle between lord Rama and Raavan in Lanka. The return of lord Ram to Ayodhyamp was celebrated with great pomp and show. Diwali Lakshmi Puja is performed for the purpose of gaining, conserving the existing wealth and gaining financial stability by appeasing Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Book Pandit for Diwali Lakshmi Puja. All the Puja Samagri will be brought by Panditji. All the Pandits are well experienced and studied from Vedic Pathshala.

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