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Griha Pravesh

Griha Pravesh Puja (House Warming Ceremony) is an auspicious ceremony. Whenever a property is constructed or purchased, Griha pravesh is done to debar the evil forces and protect the premises against bad luck. As per Vedic scriptures, a house that has not been blessed with griha pravesh puja is likely to be habituated with Conviction (Doshas) and imprecations (Shraps). If we entered in a new home on auspicious moment then it proves to bring happiness and welfare to the whole family.

There are various types of Griha Pravesh methods mentioned in our Ancient scriptures and Vedic books. Griha Pravesh must be performed on the following occasions –

  • Apoorva: On the purchase of a new home
  • Dwandwah: After renovating an old home
  • Sapoorva: Before moving into a Rented home, or after arriving from a foreign land

Griha pravesh is performed by doing Dwar puja, Boiling milk, Gauri-Ganesh, kalash, Navgraha, Vastu puja, and also different havans like Ganesh havan, Navagrah, Vastu, Varuna havan are performed.

In a griha pravesh puja five elements are worshipped, namely earth, water, air, fire and soul. The puja goes about as follows- A havan is organized and Lord Ganesha is invoked, Goddess Laxmi and Satyanarayan puja are performed followed by Sunderkand. Bhoomi maa is worshipped fervently on auspicious occasions to ensure that she protects the house from natural as well as unnatural calamities.

Significance of Griha Pravesh Puja

Griha Pravesh Puja and Vastu Shanti Puja are performed before shifting to a new house to drive away the ill-effects, doshas and increase the flow of positive energy in the house. The design of the house, the aesthetics, what kind of paint – that is also important, but what kind of energy fills this space is very important. Grihapravesham is a minor form of consecrating the space. The puja and havan are done essentially to create a certain enhanced sense of life energy, so that the people who live in this house would naturally move towards wellbeing.

Grihapravesham is about creating the right kind of soil for this plant – yourself – to grow, flower and fruit : Sadhguru

Benefits of Griha Pravesh Puja

  • Protects the house from negative energy, debars the evil forces and increases the flow of positive energy in the home.
  • Purifies the mind, body and soul of the members of the house and also, purifies and spiritualizes the surrounding and surroundings of the house with holy vibes and a divine ambiance.
  • Ensures peace and harmony in the new house, removes any obstacles for the people living in the house.
  • Vastu Shanti Puja is also performed along with Griha Pravesh Puja to appease the gods and planets to prevent any unfortunate events from happening in the house.

Griha Pravesh Puja Vidhi – How to Perform Griha Pravesh Puja?

  • Select the auspicious muhurta to celebrate the Gruhapravesh ceremony. Vastu Shastra is more important during the first entry into a newly built home.
  • Decorate the house main door with torans consisting of fresh flowers and mango leaves. The main gate should be decorated with swastika symbols and Lakshmi feet (for good fortune) because the main gate is called Simha dwara and is the face of the Vastu Purusha.
  • Ornament the floor with colorful rangoli made up of various colors and rice flour. People believe that rangoli invites the goddess Lakshmi, who is the symbol of prosperity and wealth.
  • Fill the Kalash with Ganga Jal, then place Coconut among 8 mango leaves. Establish the auspicious Kalash in little amount of rice.
  • Place the gods and goddesses idols in the East direction of the house during the Griha Pravesh puja.
  • Usually, a havan is conducted, to purify the space cleanse it of negative forces. Ganesh Puja, Navagraha Shanti, which means worship of the nine planets and Vastu Puja, are generally performed.
  • When entering, make sure to have five auspicious things with you. Coconut, Turmeric, Jaggery, Rice, and Milk.
  • Male should step first right leg and women should step left leg first to enter into the new home.
  • Perform Agnipuja by offering Haldi kumkum to Gas stove and cooking some sweet dish for prasad, and boiling milk in a new vessel as a sign of prosperity.
  • Offer Prasadam to God and later serve Panditji, and distribute among all as blessings of the Almighty himself.
  • Once the puja is completed the family should reside there for a minimum of 3 days and keep the house well lit to ensure that no evil energy is able to enter the house.

Puja Samagri / Puja Materials for Griha Pravesh Puja

Griha Pravesh (Housewarming ceremony) is done to debar the evil forces and protect the premises against bad luck.

The following list has been created in consultation with the experienced Pandits/Purohits/Pujaris and can be improved further. You can also buy these puja items online on our Puja Store.

  • Haldi Powder (50gm)
  • Kumkum (50gm)
  • Abhir/Abeer (White) (50gm)
  • Gulal Red (50gm)
  • Roli/Sindoor (50gm)
  • Chandan Powder/Chandan ka Chura (50gm)
  • Gopi Chandan (1pc)
  • Rice/Chawal (50gm)
  • Nuts/Supari, Clove/Laung, Cardamom/Elaichi (5pcs each)
  • Haldi Gath (50gm)
  • Red Cloth/Red Altar Cloth (1mt)
  • White Cloth/White Altar Cloth (1mt)
  • Janeu/Holy Thread (1pc)
  • Chunni/Bandhani Chunri (1pc)
  • Mishri (50gm)
  • Red Thread (1pc)
  • Moli/Hand Thread (1pc)
  • Wicks/Batti Long (10pcs)
  • Wicks/Batti Round (10pcs)
  • Panchmeva (100gm)
  • Diamond sugar (50gm)
  • Gud/Jaggery (100gm)
  • Samidhalu/Havan Sticks (1 bundle)
  • Havan Samagri (100gm)
  • Jav/Jau (50 gms)
  • Kali Udad (50gm)
  • Kala Til (50gm)
  • Dhaniya/Corinader Seeds (50gm)
  • Peeli Sarson (50gm)
  • Kapur (1 packet)
  • Honey (1 bottle)
  • Kamalgatta/Lotus Seeds (50gm)
  • Gola/Dry Coconut (1pc)
  • Dharbha grass (1 bundle)
  • Ghee (100gm)
  • Match box (1pc)
  • Gangajal (1 bottle)
  • Incense Sticks/Agarbatti (1 packet)
  • Dhoop Batti (1 packet)
  • Itra (1 bottle)
  • Diya (2pc)

Performing a Griha Pravesh Puja requires several items and each of them has a special significance not only in religion, but also on the environment and the human body. Typically a havan is performed to purify the surrounding, a coconut is broken and the holy water is sprinkled all around the house.

Book Pandit ji/Guruji for Griha Pravesh Puja. All the Puja Samagri will be brought by Panditji (Or buy Griha Pravesh Puja Samagri here). All the Pandits are well experienced and studied from Vedic Pathshala.

Once the Puja is booked, you’ll receive an email with the booking details. You need to pay a minimum booking amount to confirm your puja. The balance amount is to be paid online or in cash to Pandit Ji after completion of the Puja. Please click on the below link and book the pandit of your choice!



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