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Whether you take a step from the sidelines or are invited to become part of a group or collaborative effort, you look set to be more involved with something you’ve observed from a distance. You could be more willing to offer your insights or input. Others could be more willing to hear or receive them. The step could turn something that’s been uncertain or unpleasant into something less vague and more comfortable. Take that step confidently.

When Saturn returned to Aquarius in March it should have been to begin a new three decade long Saturn cycle but instead, he returned to help you prepare for that in March. Saturn has retrograded back out but will return in December, this time not leaving until 2023 and bringing Jupiter with him. This has been a rare opportunity to travel forward into your own future, get a sense of what it might hold and then come back into your old Saturn cycle, tie up loose and prepare for a future you have already visited.

Planetary Love

It has been eight days since Venus turned direct in your romantic sector but as she won’t move into her final month here until next week, there is still time to get your bearings. A clash with the Moon today might create some tension but it is more a chance to not only challenge old excuses but check where you might still be looking to the past rather than the future.

New faces and connections offer intriguing romantic possibilities. But a shared creative interest could be the catalyst for attraction. The more this involves bouncing ideas with someone, the greater your chances are of forming or strengthening one sweet connection. Whether you’re single or attached, it’s not just a two-way interest that can grow in strength.

It is the Moon’s return to your career sector midweek that will not only fuel your professional instincts and imagination, especially from Tuesday to Thursday but will help to bring forces across the income, work and career fronts together. It is not just that the Moon will form a friendly aspect to planets in your income and work sectors as it moves through but the timing that makes this auspicious. After Mars’ departure from your income sector over the weekend, with Neptune in his first full week in retrograde and Ceres her last full week in direct motion there, this comes just as they are regrouping. It is on Wednesday that the Sun and Mercury will align in your work sector, just as the Moon moves into a friendly aspect to both. With Mercury also in retrograde motion, this is not just a window into the forces in play across the income, work and career fronts but into the past, present and future.

There is good news on the romantic and relationship fronts this week, though the latter won’t be fully evident until later next month. After six weeks in retrograde motion Venus, the planet of love is spending her first full week back in direct motion in your romantic sector and thanks to the Moon is allowing you to look to the future with confidence. It was the Moon’s return to an adventurous part of your chart over the weekend and friendly aspect to Venus that has brought the spirit of romance and adventure together, with this especially strong on Monday. Meanwhile, while it is not until the Sun returns to your relationship sector in July that the full implications of Mars’ return to your communication sector over the weekend will be most noticeable this has already been a game changer. Normally declaring war on communication barriers for six to seven weeks, Mars returned over the weekend but won’t leave until January, with your relationships set to benefit from this.

Any financial tension or intensity over the weekend has already dialled back by the time you move into the new week but this is also when you will get to reap the benefits. It was a clash between the Moon, in its final hours in your financial sector and Mars, in his final hours in your income sector that may have created some financial tension but with perfect timing. Mars only left your income sector on Sunday, ending a nearly seven week mission to fuel your warrior spirit and to a call to fight for what you deserve. A bit of pressure from the Moon and the fuel this added to Mars’ warrior spirit was the right catalyst at the right time. With both gone, this allows you to begin the week with your financial instincts and imagination fuelled and a better sense of what you are fighting for on the income front. However, with Neptune in his first full week in retrograde motion in your income sector and Ceres turning retrograde here next week, the urgency is gone.


You’re likely to become increasingly aware of the contribution you can make to a particular area. If your current efforts make you feel dissatisfied or unappreciated, then that could change this month. You have talents or skills that could be put to better use elsewhere or in new ways. But try to ensure that your efforts to change whatever feels unsatisfactory or imbalanced remain consistent until after the 20th. You could find a reason to feel reassured and optimistic presents itself then.

Love & Romance

Neptune’s influence in your love life or a close relationship could cause you to see much inaccurately. But don’t allow your confidence to nosedive. Ask yourself why you feel unworthy or must settle for second or third best where love, romance, and intimacy are concerned. Your opinion of yourself could be much lower than what someone else sees when they look at you. With less effort than you think might be needed, you can boost your levels of self-care and self love in ways that will enhance your love life – wonderfully.


2020 Overview

For you, 2020 is an undercover year and for two different reasons. The first reason why this is an undercover year is that the major planetary activity this year will all be undercover, with three major planetary cycles all coming to an end, requiring a lot more time peering under the covers. To have Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto converge in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart means that you have come to the end of a 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion, a three decade long Saturn cycle of personal growth and the end of a Pluto cycle that began nearly 250 years ago. The latter is less personal, but having the planet of change and revolution working in a nostalgic, reflective but also intuitive and imaginative part of your chart is allowing you to go through this review period thinking outside the square and unafraid to change your beliefs. As they say, we can’t change the past but we can change the way we look at or label the past.

The other reason why this is an undercover year is that it is in disguise, with the year having more than one surprise up its sleeve that is not obvious from the get go. At the same time, while Pluto will spend the whole year in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart, Jupiter is here until 20th December and Saturn, apart from a few months is here until 17th December, that doesn’t mean you will spend the year navel gazing. Life will go on, but with major planetary cycles coming to a close there will be endings and a higher need to spend time reflecting. For what you are doing is summing up and making sense of the past, as you prepare for major new doors to open. While those major new doors will open when Saturn and Jupiter return to Aquarius in December, beginning a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion and a new three decade long Saturn cycle of personal growth within days of each other, you will have a chance for a sneak peek earlier in the year.

On 22nd March, Saturn will leave Jupiter and Pluto and return to Aquarius and before retrograding back out again on 2nd July, will give you a chance to look to the future and even start laying down new foundations ahead of time. Mars’ return to Aquarius on 31st March will allow him to spend six weeks fuelling your passions, drives and competitive spirit. This is the beginning of a major quest to take your personal power back that will extend out as far as 2023. What is exciting about this period is that Venus will also be doing something different this year that will have a direct impact on Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. Venus will return for what should be a 24 day visit to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart on 4th April, moving straight into a friendly aspect to Mars and Saturn. Venus will like it so much that she will spend the next four months here, not leaving until 8th August. During this time Venus will form a friendly aspect to both Mars and Saturn.


While it is a fairly ordinary year for relationship matters, with the bare minimum of planetary activity on the relationship front that you would expect from any year, it is a different story on the romantic front. However, the planetary activity you do have in your relationship sector this year is both timely and important. Timely because this kicks off with the Sun’s return to your relationship sector on 22nd July, something that happens at this time every year. However, this is just 20 days after Saturn begins up what can only be described as an exploratory visit to Aquarius, before returning with Jupiter in December. Had the Sun returned any earlier, which it can’t or Saturn stayed longer, there would have been a clash between the two, with this near miss a reminder that next year, a balance between your personal and relationship needs will be policed.

Instead, with the Sun in your relationship sector from 22nd July to 23rd August, Mercury from 5th August to 20th August and Venus, the planet of love making a standalone visit from 6th September to 3rd October, this is a very ordinary annual focus on relationships. However, it is how ordinary this is that makes it special, for it will be a different story next year. Meanwhile, on the romantic front things couldn’t be more different, with absolutely everything going right for you this year. It begins with the fact that the year begins with Venus, planet of love not only in Aquarius but having spent the last 11 days of 2019 here, will go on to spend the first two weeks of 2020 here. This is another standalone visit for Venus and been and gone before your birthday month begins, gets the year off to a romantically charged start.

However, this is just a taste things to the come with Venus not only returning to your romantic sector well ahead of the Sun but staying on through the middle months of the year. Venus will return on 4th April to kick off what are often the most romantically charged 24 days of the year but instead, won’t leave until 8th August. It is a retrograde phase from 13th May to 25th June that will not only keep Venus here during the middle months of the year but will open the doors to the past and second chances. It is while Venus is here that you will not only have the Sun and Mercury move through, but the North Node return for the first time in 17 years on 5th May. Just days before Venus’ retrograde turn, the North Node returns to open major new doors. Here until January 2022 and returning at an already romantically charged time of year, the North Node brings the element of fate into play and is the reason for a lunar eclipse here on 30th November.


As much as it is business as usual on both sides of the financial fence this year this is a real advantage. On both the income and financial fronts you have everything you need and nothing you don’t, with no real challenges, no major changes to the script and on the income front in particular, forces you are now familiar with. However, in saying that the balance of power is definitely on the income side of the fence, but then it has been for years now and is part of what makes it business as usual this year. Unlike your financial sector, where the focus is on what you do with and how you manage the money you have and there is only planetary activity for a few months out of each year, on the income front there is permanent planetary activity. Or at least there has been since even before Neptune returned to your income sector in 2012 and will be through to 2026. When you have a planet here this long, they mainly operate in the background and in Neptune’s case, keeping the dream alive.

These slow outer planets that are in areas of your chart for years if not decades, can be thought of as ‘getaway drivers’, waiting outside with the motor running, ready for a quick getaway. Except here you are not robbing a bank and instead standing by to run with income potential when the faster moving planets move through. This makes those times more potentially lucrative than they would be if you didn’t have Neptune here, with the engine always idling. This year things get an early start, with Venus returning to your income sector from 14th January to 8th February. As well as creating some potentially lucrative weeks, this allows the planets of money and dreams to come together and define your expectations for the coming year. While the Sun, here from 19th February to 20th March and Mercury, from 16th March to 11th April will work to seize opportunities, Mars’ time here is the most potentially lucrative point of the year.

Mars is in your income sector from 13th May to 28th June and he will return to make things happen, exploit potential and help you fight for what you deserve. On the other side of the financial fence there is a lot less planetary activity and not just because you don’t have a planet like Neptune there. Mars, who visited your financial sector in 2019 won’t visit in 2020, so it is just the Sun, Mercury and Venus. This will create a period of just over two months, from Mercury’s return on 20th April to Venus’ departure on 28th October that you can focus on money matters as a whole. Here the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have. With Neptune in retrograde motion in your income sector from 23rd June to 29th November, income matters will take a back seat so that money matters can have their turn.


The activity on the job and career fronts this year falls right in the Goldilocks zone, where everything is just right. On both fronts you have more than what you would expect in an ordinary professional year, with the year getting off to an empowered start on both fronts. Yet at the same time, you don’t have the major and ongoing planetary activity that would demand a lot of you. This professional year drives right down the centre lane of having enough to make this an exciting year but not enough to make this a demanding year. The year begins with Mars in his final days in your career sector and as he will be gone by 3rd January, this is literally the tail end of last year’s planetary activity grazing the early days of this year. However, like a bell that can’t be unrung, starting the year with Mars in your career sector gives you his warrior energy to draw on from the get go.

While there will be no more planetary activity in your career sector once Mars leaves until Mercury returns on 27th September, as Mars has spent the last six weeks of 2019 fuelling your professional passions, fighting and competitive spirit, on top of months of other planetary activity, this gives you a head start and a tailwind from the get go. It is just over a week later that a lunar eclipse on the job front on 11th January will give work and job matters a jump start. What makes this eclipsing Full Moon significant is that it falls just three days before Venus’ return to your income sector will kick off some of the most potentially lucrative weeks and months of 2020. The reason for this lunar eclipse is that the North Node is still in your work sector and will be until leaving on 5th May. This is keeping work and job matters moving forward and on track, while the eclipses bring the potential for unexpected, serendipitous or eureka moments. This makes the solar eclipse here on 21st June a wildcard.

What is stunning about the lunar activity on the job front this year is that you have two New Moons and two Full Moons, as opposed to the one of each you will have in your career sector and in every other area of your chart. It is not unusual to have a Full Moon on the job front in January and again in December and that is the case this year, but to have two New Moons mid year is unusual. The first is the eclipsing New Moon on 21st June and the second is an ordinary New Moon on 21st July. Both will come in the heart of this year’s most active months on the job front, which begin with Mercury’s return to your work sector on 29th May and ends with Venus’ departure on 6th September. It is just a few weeks later that Mercury returns to begin another active phase on the career front, which will run from his return to your career sector on 27th September to Venus’ departure on 16th December.

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