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Annaprashan Puja

Price: Rs 849 - 3,100

A popular Hindu custom, Annaprashan marks the beginning of solid food in your baby’s life. The term annaprashan literally means “food feeding” or “eating of food”. It is a Hindu rite of passage ritual (Saṃskāra) that marks an infant’s first intake of food other than milk.

Annaprashan begins with a puja or a havan for your baby’s health and happiness, followed by the symbolic feeding of the prasad or the first bite of solid food. Hence, this ceremony is popularly known as First Rice-Eating Ceremony in english. Usually, Annaprashan Puja is performed when the baby is around 6 months old; as this is the time when baby gets some teeth.

Book Pandit for Annaprashan Puja. All the Puja Samagri will be brought by Panditji. All the Pandits are well experienced and studied from Vedic Pathshala.

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